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The traditional customer call once seemed indispensable to the selling process; the time and expense involved were just a basic cost of doing business. In recent years, however, the business community has come to regard the sales call as an expenditure for which there are substitutes. For many companies telemarketing and direct mail have made the sales call a choice not an inevitability. This is not surprising when Bethesda Md Homes for Sale various studies suggest that getting one sales person in front of one customer now costs 500 - this cost has trebled since 1983. As a consequence professional salespeople have to be more effective than ever to justify the investment in a face to face effort.

In essence, we can draw several conclusions and taken together, these findings paint a picture of the current state of the sales Bethesda Md Homes for Sale environment.

Customer Focus Creates Competitive Advantage:

The one term that sets top performers apart - customer focus

Outstanding sales results depend on:

- The ability to think from the customers point Homes for sale bethesda md of view

- Understanding the customers agenda, buying cycle and best interests

Beyond a superficial reading of immediate customer needs, salespeople must gain a deeper understanding of both the buyers long-term goals and the overall business climate

At the heart of customer focus is the art of listening constructively - the best salespeople are masters at capturing information

Customer focus means taking the customer seriously - to-day the salesperson who clings to the product orientation of a decade ago is Bethesda MD losing ground

As client companies branch into new markets and unfamiliar territories, they are demanding unique, flexible solutions from their vendors - customised to support specific goals

Another myth which can be exploded is that whilst customers value flexibility, being too flexible can undermine the sales relationship. On the whole salespeople imagine Homes for sale in bethesda maryland that customers value a vendors responsiveness above all. However recent research shows that their primary concern is reliability.

In summary, in order to maintain customer focus the best salespeople become facilitators, creating a partnership that extends the selling relationship within the customers company. The motivation to achieve this should be strong - it Homes for sale in bethesda md costs five times as much to attract and sell to a new customer as it does to an existing one!

The right to do business has to be earned and never assumed:

Rather than doggedly asking for the business, the very best sales people work to keep the relationship moving towards a sale. They realise the need to identify how to turn their companys products into real solutions, which must meet specific needs. Unfortunately, our surveys confirm that the average salesperson drags the customer over old ground as much as 52% of the time - they are unable to provide continuous stimulation and never know when to treat an existing customer like a new one.

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